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What is a Managed Service Provider?

Posted by Dylan Mapp on Apr 10, 2019 2:36:40 PM

The IT industry is full of jargon, and since “Cloud” we see the term MSP everywhere.  What is an MSP?  An MSP is known in our industry as a Managed Services Provider. 

So, for those who aren’t in the know I have given an overview of what it means to us and how it relates to working with your business. 



We are all getting busier in our day to day.  “Do more with less” is a common catch-cry.  This focus on lean operations means we see managers and C-Level workers taking on a broader scope of responsibility and ever-expanding workloads.  Your core organisational objective might be anything from distributing supplies, providing services in the community or even constructing buildings and roads. Whatever your core business, there are always IT Systems required to support the business.  

We see many small businesses who have put their own computer networks together; after all, we do it at home, so why not?   

It probably works OK most days too.  However, as legal compliance around data privacy and IT security increases, homemade networks aren't cutting it anymore.   If systems go down, your business grinds to a halt.  If you have a data breach, you're legally obliged to notify those affected. You may begin losing money immediately, as well as good faith with your customers.  

Perhaps you already outsource to “the local guy”.  But what happens when he is sick?  On holidays?  Or as we saw this week with a local Tingalpa business, he can’t recover the data that was encrypted over the weekend due to a Ransomware attack.

The benefit of engaging an MSP in your business is that you can get on and do what it is you do well.   

MSPs work with many clients: different verticals, different challenges and different needs.  BES is a local Brisbane-based MSP who can integrate with your business to bring your IT systems up to modern standards.  We then work with you to maintain those systems and help grow your business using technology. 

Since the introduction of Notifiable Data Breach Laws in Australia, the time for being reactive with your IT Systems has come to an end.  It is no longer good enough to take the “She’ll be right” attitude to regular services and support. 

Share our video about What a MSP is and engage with our team to take a fresh look at your business and its technology needs.  Don’t wait until it is too late. 


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