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11 Advantages to Your Business with IT Hosting

Posted by John Dowd on May 25, 2015 10:47:00 AM

In this day and age, our businesses rely on IT. If the internet goes down, if our computers act up, or the server fails, business can grind to a halt. Unfortunately the great enabler of business, IT, is a nightmare for some. When I talk to businesses about their IT issues, I am struck by how painful they find the whole IT experience. Their problems are generally a combination of old PC’s running old un-refreshed, virus-ridden copies of Windows, Server problems and Internet issues. On top of those issues they are also stuck on the server upgrade merry-go-round, where every 3-4 years a new server and all the server software needs to be purchased because either the server or some software is not supported any more. Together with a server upgrade they also find their new software needs new PC’s. Most businesses spend around $20,000 on that exercise. The Microsoft server software alone can be almost as much as the server hardware. A recent quote had the server at $10,000 and the Microsoft server and email software at around $8,000.

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