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CyberPower Power and Rack Solutions

Posted by John Dowd on May 22, 2017 2:00:10 PM


CyberPower are an American manufacturer of power systems and currently second only to Schneider in the USA for marketshare in the SMB UPS market. They recently presented a round-up of their latest products to us and talked about their successes in supplying UPS and power protection equipment to some of Australia’s largest retailers for their Australia-wide branch rollouts. I was also surprised to learn that their range now extends from small UPS up to 400kVA three phase systems. Seems like they are constantly innovating and bringing a steady stream of well-priced solutions to market – including some neat solutions for branch offices.

In the lead up to the end of financial year, BES IT Systems is running special bundles until June 30 on the products mentioned below.  Contact us on (07) 33405555 or log a web enquiry for more information.  


CyberPower Branch Office Cabinet & Power Solutions



Selection Process:

For the foreseeable future companies will install a router and switching – and potentially a NAS/Server/File Sync box - in their branch offices. Ideally these can be installed in one small cabinet together with power protection, remote management capabilities and with environmental monitoring. CyberPower has just released a range of racks and cabinets in Australia and can now offer a cost-effective solution for each element of the “ideal” solution. Choose a solution in 5 easy steps:


Step 1 – Choose a cabinet:

6RU to 12U cabinets – wall-mount (12RU has swing-out back frame)




Bundle of 12RU cabinet+600VA UPS+remote monitoring card $780 ex GST - save $156 off RRP!



Step 2 – Choose a UPS – 1RU and only 380-480mm deep:

600VA-1500VA Office Rackmount Series 1RU 380-480mm deep UPS





Step 3 – Choose optional SNMP remote monitoring and remote power control

RRP $269 inc GST:


•    Real time UPS monitoring.
•    Event logging tracks the operational history of the UPS.
•    Graphic data logging to analyze power conditions.
•    Power problem notification by e-mail, SNMP traps, and SMS.
•    Utilizing the auto-shutdown software, servers and workstations stay protected from data loss due to power 
•    Schedule shutdown/start-up/reboot of the UPS and load remotely.


Step 4 – Choose optional environmental monitoring RRP $179 inc GST:

Connects to SNMP Card.


May Image 3-1.png



Step 5 - for more power redundancy, add a second UPS and the 1 RU CyberPower Switchable ATS:



 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) ensures that power to single power lead devices like small switches and routers is kept up even if one UPS fails. Alternatively Mains power can be applied to the second ATS input. (2nd choice as unfiltered power will be supplied to the load until the UPS is replaced.)



UPS for Branch POS and PC Equipment:


CyberPower BRIC LCD Series - BR700ELCD - mounted on wall.




If you'd like more information on how BES can assist with your power protection requirements, call us on 3340 5555 or log a web enquiry below.


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