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Public vs. Private Cloud: Discusses

Posted by Amanda Bowen on Jun 13, 2014 11:41:53 AM

Lately, I've been involved in lots of debate around public versus private cloud environments. As a comprehensive services provider, dealing with 5-seat organisations up to 500-seat organisations: BES IT Systems does both.  We provide a low-cost, scaleable option for smaller businesses, and orchestrate procurement and data-centre design for our large corporates.

Trawling the web this morning,  I came across this well-balanced piece by Drew Turney on  It debates the not-so-age-old question: 'Rent or Buy: the Cloud Conundrum'.  

The article debates the pros and cons of both public and private clouds, yet it fails to differentiate between huge global public clouds like Amazon Web Services, and local, flexible 'public' clouds such as BES IT Systems' sister company, DataSpot.  


One concern that pops up with large public clouds is data security.  The article above references several clients who were bombarded with marketing material fea turing the names and titles of CEOs and CIOs after transferring their data to the Google cloud.  With Australia's Privacy Principles in effect from March 2014, it is illegal for Australian cloud services providers to make private data available to third parties without explicit, written consent.  

DataSpot is beholden to BES IT System's privacy policy (here), and so the ethical treatment of our customers' data is assured.  

If your organisation is looking to build a private cloud, or you want to outsource your data storage to a local, secured cloud, contact us. 


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