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Office Ergonomics and the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

Posted by Amanda Mapp on Apr 30, 2019 1:46:04 PM

Many of us who have worked in desk jobs for more than a few years will have experienced some discomfort caused by poor posture and ergonomic misadventures at our desks.

Trends in desk ergonomics have been developing for years: ergonomic chairs, standing desks, treadmill desks, monitor stands and increasingly fancy mice are growing in popularity.

Several staff at BES have convertible standing desks that allow us to switch between sitting and standing as it suits us throughout the day.  For those of our team with sore backs or other conditions aggravated by extended sitting, this is a great boon.  These are a few hundred dollars from Officeworks, come in a variety of sizes and are a great way to retro-fit a standing desk onto any existing desk or table.

         standing desk photos                               standing-deskss-1

      Standing desk collapsed for seated work.                               Expanded for standing work. 

Personally, I also experience intermittent rotator cuff, shoulder and neck issues from constant mouse usage.  Others feel it more in their elbow on the side they use their mouse. I generally just swap sides to combat this issue, as well as pester my husband for constant neck rubs!

However, our friends at Logitech dropped around an MX Vertical Mouse for us to try a few weeks ago and it’s been quite a revelation.  The mouse is designed to keep the hand in a more neutral or ‘vertical’ position and removes the need to rotate the arm inwards.  If you placed your arms by your side and raised one arm vertically with the thumb pointing upward, that’s a neutral position for the shoulder. This position places less stress on the muscles of the neck, shoulder and arm. 

Since using the MX Vertical I’ve felt a lot less residual tension in my neck and shoulder on the right hand side and am a total convert.  Dylan from BES did an unboxing video when we received the MX Vertical.  Watch the video below to see his take on the mouse.



One question remains: when will Logitech release a left-handed vertical mouse?!

Get your MX Vertical today on BES Online.

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