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Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index Report 2022

Posted by The BES Team on Mar 15, 2022 1:09:38 PM

In late 2021, Nutanix surveyed 1,700 IT decision-makers around the world on where they are running their business applications, where they plan to run them in the future, what their cloud challenges are, and how their cloud initiatives stack up against other IT projects and priorities.

They shared key findings with us at BES IT Systems, now we want to share with you:


1. Multicloud - an IT operating model that combines multiple clouds, public or private - is the most commonly deployed IT environment. 

It's also the only IT model on an upward adoption trajectory. More than a third (36%) of the overall respondent base currently uses multicloud as their most commonly used deployment model, with adoption expected to jump to 64% in the next one to three years. Large enterprises with 5,000 or more employees report even greater multicloud adoption, with over half (57%) already using multicloud. Penetration among these companies is expected to soar to 80% in one to three years.


2. Interoperability among multiple cloud environments is crucial, though complexity, from security to data integration, remains a top concern. 

More than a third of respondents using multicloud say their clouds are “fully interoperable” (36%), and more than half (56%) report “some level” of interoperability between clouds. However, most respondents (87%) agree that succeeding with multicloud requires simpler management across mixed-cloud infrastructures, which use dissimilar platforms, tools, dashboards, and configuration approaches. They cite managing security (49%), data integration (49%), and cost (43%) across cloud borders as their top multicloud challenges.

To help address these challenges, most respondents (83%) agree that a hybrid multicloud model is ideal.


3. The pandemic has changed how nearly all organizations operate, and multicloud supports this new way of working. 

Well over half of respondents (61%) say they're focused on offering more flexible work setups because of the pandemic. Most organisations report that while their remote workforces may shrink or grow, they are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Multicloud offers the most agile IT environment for supporting this flexibility by distributing data to diverse geolocations for user proximity and business continuity.


4. Application mobility is top of mind. 

Nearly all organizations (91%) have moved one or more applications to a new IT environment over the last 12 months. They cite security (41%) most often as the reason for the move, followed by performance (39%), and gaining control of applications (38%). However, 80% of respondents agree that moving a workload to a new cloud environment can be costly and time-consuming. Containers are destined to play a role here.

Accordingly, 82% of respondents agree that containers are important to their organizations today or will be within 12 months. Further, half (50%) say containers are best suited to run in a mix of public and private cloud infrastructure.


5. Enterprises are growing more strategic in their use of IT infrastructure. 

Nearly three-fourths of respondents (72%) say they believe that the IT function in their organizations is perceived as more strategic than it was a year ago. They also cite business reasons for changing their infrastructure models, such as improving remote work and collaboration (40%), supporting customers better (36%), and strengthening business continuity (35%). Additionally, they've begun strategically matching each workload to the infrastructure best suited to it based on factors such as security (41%), performance (39%), and cost (31%).

The adoption of this “cloud-smart” approach, leveraging the most appropriate cloud environment for each use case, is likely a primary driver behind the proliferation of multicloud.

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Text has been taken directly from Nutanix 4th Annual Enterprise Cloud Index. You can read the full report and some snazzy graphs and infographics here:


Nutanix are a leader in multi-cloud architecture. They simplify cloud complexity with an open, software defined hybrid multicloud platform. This simplification means you can focus on business outcomes and new innovations.

BES IT Systems are a long term partner with Nutanix, bringing innovative solutions to a wide range of scenarios for small to medium enterprises.


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