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July Updates – Public Service Announcement, Avoid Malware and Team Updates

Posted by Dylan Mapp on Jul 15, 2016 10:26:32 AM

Public Service Announcement: Ransomware Influx

icon-1-1.pngWe have been inundated with a flood of Ransomware emails in the past week: some of them normal looking emails containing suspicious links and malware. It is very important that all email users who value their network and PCs take special care to delete any unexpected mail. These malicious emails are coming in the form of bills, invoices, deliveries, fines and come from a variety of legitimate-looking senders.

AGL, Australia Post and the ATO are three organisations that have been fraudulently impersonated in recent weeks. If you receive a bill or official-looking email from either of these organisations that you are not expecting, delete it. If it is a legitimate communication, the organisation will follow you up.

How can you avoid malware?

icon-2-2.pngOver and above keeping your AV up to date, deleting any emails of unexpected bills, invoices, deliveries, fines or the like? We recommend a review of your current back up procedures, ensure you have multiple copies of your backups, and ensure you can do a recovery quickly and efficiently. It is not a matter of if you get "Cryptolocker" but when. The people creating and modifying these threats are getting smarter all the time, with their phishing attempts being very professional.

These threats tie in to our new email scanning software: Trustwave. Trustwave Standard is a Secure Email Gateway that incorporates industry-leading web threat intelligence to effectively thwart emails that contain malicious URLs and deliver real-time, zero-day protection against the latest email-borne threats. Using our proprietary technologies, SpamProfilter, SpamBotsensor and Spam Censor, you can experience a consistent 99.5% spam catch rate with near zero false positives – all with no special tuning.

Trustwave Advanced utilised all of the Standard features plus a blended threat module: it rewrites URLs embedded in emails to route them through a cloud-based instance of Trustwave Secure Web Gateway to protect against malware and phishing attacks in real-time for any device. With attackers compromising URLs sometimes days after sending the malicious email, it is imperative to scan embedded URLs each and every time the URL is clicked.

The Trustwave Advanced product ensures that even when you click on URLs in emails from a mobile device, you are protected.

The product works with both on-premise SEG and SEG Cloud through a completely cloud-based infrastructure.

BES provides Trustwave Standard for $3 ex GST per user per month and Advanced for $4 ex. For user groups over 50, contact us directly for a quote.

Team Updates

icon-3-3.pngCongratulations to Alex Hooper joining the team on Helpdesk as a permanent staff member, he has been taken under the wing of the senior guys in the team and is now well on his way to developing his skills and abilities to service and support our valued clients.

We'll simplify your IT whilst helping improve the flexibility and scalability of your business.

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