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Why are Schools Replacing Legacy Infrastructure with Hyperconverged Solutions?

Posted by The BES Sales Team on Oct 13, 2015 8:58:00 AM

Why are schools choosing hyperconverged solutions such as Nutanix over legacy infrastructure?

Some of the top reasons include:

  • Automatic initial provisioning of nodes into cluster ready for loading VM’s
  • Automatic additional node discover and assimilation into cluster
  • Presents storage as NFS or SMB Datastores – no SAN fabric/RAID arrays/LUN’s to bother about.
  • Huge IOPS possible as most reads are from SSD but mixture of drive types ensures good balance between cold and hot storage.
  • VDI a great use case as adding nodes adds IO performance – no boot storm issues. nVidia K1 & K2 card options make for great 3D Graphics VDI – staff can truly “Work from Anywhere”.
  • One click upgrades of firmware and hypervisor
  • Their follow-the-Sun Support Centres take ownership of all problems below the App’s – Vmware/HyperV/KVM/hardware.
  • Monitors capacity usage and recommends solutions to bottlenecks before they happen
  • The cluster self-diagnoses problems – and the only replaceable units are nodes, drives and hot-plug power supplies.
  • Ability to run multiple Hypervisors in one cluster
  • Exchange workloads between on-prem and Azure or AWS


Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is the industry’s first converged infrastructure solution, integrating compute and storage resources into a single appliance. It offers a simple and scalable solution for education environments. 

Schools who have implemented Nutanix praise the:

-          Ease of initial configuration - just provide a couple of IP addresses and then it configures itself.

-          Ease of management - everything below the VM’s themselves is managed via a true single pane of glass view of everything: overall health, storage IOPS, processing load. The administrator can drill down to any detail required.

-       High density modular building-block design lowers power, cooling and space requirements and also allows a customer to start small and scale up simply, if required, just by adding modules.

-          It has the ability to move workloads to the Cloud (Amazon or Azure to be released by Christmas).

In fact, the points above are feedback from Queensland's first large private school to choose Nutanix via BES IT Systems for their data centre refresh.  That was in September, and we've just had our second large private sign the PO this week.  This is a trend that has only just begun to take hold on the Education scene in Queensland, and we're predicting huge uptake in the next 12 months.

Watch a quick product video below to learn how Nutanix works:


If you'd like more information around how this technology works in an Education context, download the brief by clicking below.  If you'd like specific advice, email or call us on (07) 3340 5555.

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