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How To Manage BYOD And Wireless Networks

Posted by John Dowd on Aug 4, 2015 10:53:00 AM

As a leading WiFi Access Point manufacturer, Xirrus have a history of innovative design work, for example their market-leading work on 8 and 16 radio access points for conference centres and auditoriums. In fact they continue to be the only vendor who offer a range of Wireless Access Points from 16 radio units suitable for conference halls down to two radio units suitable for hotel rooms.

Now they have announced a new innovation called EasyPass, which makes the process of onboarding clients so much easier than current methods offered by WiFi and MDM vendors. This feature is provided free-of-charge to their Cloud Management users. EasyPass provides fast, easy Xirrus WiFi access for guests and authenticated users alike. There are three “flavours” of EasyPass.

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Internet Access for BYOD users and Visitors:

  • Guests & employees can easily register via a login page that presents after selecting the venue’s network.
  • Internet users’ details can be downloaded by the administrator.
  • EasyPass also allows guests to register via Facebook or Google+.
  • Guest details can be added in advance and login details sent via email.
  • Bulk-adding guest details via a list upload is easy.
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Users Requiring Access to Network Resources - BYOD

Xirrus EasyPass significantly streamlines IT operations and reduces help desk calls by letting users securely connect to the corporate network without need for deploying certificates or installing applications on personal devices. In fact the process has up to 5 times fewer steps than agent or app-based on-boarding and works with any device type, any operating system and any manufacturer.


The process is as follows:

  • Upload .csv file containing the names of valid users (or add users manually) – this automatically generates a user ID and pre-shared key for each user.
  • Email each user their user ID and pre-shared key.
  • Users enter pre-shared key when challenged and gain network access.
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Users can on-board multiple devices (limits set by the Administrator) and add/remove their own devices.

Group WiFi Vouchers: 

This feature generates bulk access code vouchers that can be printed and handed out to people requiring Internet access. These do not require or collect any personal information about the guest WiFi users. A typical scenario might be a coffee shop that does not want non-customers using their WiFi. The codes can be downloaded into their POS system and printed on the bottom of each receipt, so that only customers get a code – a unique code.


Will EasyPass make life easier at your site?

Could better WiFi significantly improve your users’ productivity?  

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