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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Posted by Dylan Mapp on Apr 2, 2019 11:30:49 AM

Over the years we have seen backups transform in both the way they are executed and the way they are relied upon in a business. What should you be using these days? 

We used to choose the files we needed to backup, they would fit on a 1.4MB Floppy Disk, and therefore not take too long to restore. Then we ran bigger backups off to tape, swapping these out daily, assuming that in a time of need we could read the tape to restore data. Things got really cool when StorageCraft came to the market with Shadow Protect, now allowing us to back up to a USB drive, NAS and other “modern” media making restores more reliable and faster.

If I think back to the first SAN (Storage Area Network) I sold, it’s capacity was a tad over 1TB and cost over $100k. Yes – I do have a lot of grey hair now!! But where I am going with this, is that having a 1TB repository for data is an everyday occurrence now. Businesses are more likely to be running 4 – 10 TB of business data. And it is not longer good enough to wait hours, days or even weeks to get access to the data.

In a discussion with one of our clients a couple of weeks ago, it was highlighted that 2 years ago, we could take the entire network down for half a business day and it would be an inconvenience, not a disaster. However, roll forward to now, and during business hours, there are so many systems relying on real time data, that any hiccup has a major impact. Let alone not having systems available for days on end.

Data volumes are larger, our reliance on PC systems means we need to keep running no matter what. Downtime in your business means that customers go to your competitor.

How do we address this?

Business Continuity (BC) is the IT jargon we like to bandy around. We take your systems, assess what you need to keep the business running and ensure that there is a copy of these servers, ready to go in an offsite location. Offsite backup is OK for a copy of files in another location, it ticks some boxes, but recovery time is slow. Business Continuity is more than the solution, it is a documented and tested plan of how to keep your business running when something goes wrong. Most likely today, it will be a compromise of your systems by a third party, malware or a disgruntled employee.

We leverage the solution put together by StorageCraft to ensure that our clients have a proven and tested Business Continuity Plan and solution. We use proven software and send it to the private infrastructure supplied by StorageCraft to ensure that your business keeps running when it matters the most.

Click on the video link to find out more with the discussion between Michael Watson and myself. We discuss the solution and some of the experiences we have. How we can keep you ahead of your competitors that don’t take Business Continuity seriously. When they go offline, we will keep you running.

Business Continuity

And don't forget to check out our Business Continuity page where we offer a range of downloadable documents and a Cyber Security Checklist for your business. 

Use the “Contact Us” to have an experienced BC expert assess your needs and design the right solution for you. 


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