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The Top 4 Reasons Your Brisbane Business Needs IP Surveillance

Posted by Ingrid Taylor on Nov 28, 2013 12:45:00 PM

Why use digital/IP surveillance cameras in your Brisbane business:


1. Did you know you can lower your insurance premiums by installing a digital camera surveillance system?

Digital surveillance cameras like the DLink IP camera range are becoming increasingly popular because specifications have gone up, prices have come down and we are hearing that some insurance companies will provide lower premiums if a system is installed. Contact your insurance broker for advice regarding your personal circumstances.

2. Who stole that bag - smart search for missing object?

One example of new uses of this technology is the ability to have the surveillance software go back through time and find when an “event” occurred, for example, when did an object – like a bag or stock item - disappear from the picture. This is a great way to find who was present at the time and might therefore be responsible.

3. Was an employee really injured at work or did it happen beforehand?

One of the other uses of security cameras as the resolutions go up and the costs come down is to monitor work areas where OH&S incidents might occur. The playback can be used to identify how an incident happened so that safer work practices can be designed, but can also be used to make sure that the weekend injury doesn’t become Monday’s Work Cover claim. DLink have a range of approximately 30 cameras including a fish-eye camera that can be mounted over an area to give a complete 360 degree picture.

4. Deter break-and-enters.

Of course the traditional role of the camera system is to detect, record or alarm when events happen around the perimeter of a building or inside at night.

As an example, a Brisbane school installed an IP Surveillance Camera System in the canteen after losing $10,000 per quarter due to theft. The camera system with infrared night vision has had no break-ins, graffiti or thefts since it was installed. We also have a case study about Sydney Cafe Pronto who used DLink IP Surveillance to protect cash holdings and to deliver on health and safety promises for staff. Check out the case study here.

Another useful benefit of this technology is monitoring the premises if the building alarm does go off at night and the monitoring company calls. It’s safer, cheaper and more convenenient to look at what the cameras have recorded recently than drive down and have a look, or to ask the security company to investigate.






Now with sound triggers

DLink also have cameras can trigger on sound and then begin recording. (A short lead-in is also recorded to show what might have caused the sound)

Record up to 9 cameras simulataneously for playback on your smart phone

An essential part of any camera surveillance system is a PC or digital video recorder to record the video stream for each camera. DLink’s DNR-326 can record from nine cameras simultaneously and provide playbacks on to PC’s or Smartphones. Check out what is happening at the shop using an app on your iPhone or Android phone. Are they busy with customers?

Compliant with industry standards

One of the features of the DLink system is their compliance with Industry Standards, in particular the ONVIF standard that guarantees compatibility between the recording software and different manufacturers’ software. Both DLink’s cameras and recording software conform to this standard. 

Upgrade your CCTV system with a digital video recorder

Already have a CCTV system – but can’t add new cameras to it because the sequencer is full? Consider keeping existing cameras and going digital with a new digital video recorder – and add extra digital cameras as required. DVR’s for IP Cameras come in different sizes recording 8, 16 or 32 channels simultaneously. They all give the ability of viewing the current video stream or the historical one from any of the cameras on a PC, Android or IOS phone or tablet.

For more information on IP Surveillance in your organisation, or to find out more about the DLink range of IP Surveillance equipment, contact Ingrid Taylor or John Dowd by emailing or  Both account managers can also be reached on (07) 3340 5555 in business hours.



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