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Your Organisation's Data Backup: Clean Up Your Servers With NAS

Posted by Dylan Mapp on Nov 3, 2015 1:27:00 PM

Wow, only 7 full work weeks left until Christmas! 2015 has flown by and I’ve been a bit slack with keeping in touch by email, but definitely have spent a lot of time visiting with people and working on their IT strategies. That's why I thought I'd take a different approach and write a blog update!

Most people have put projects off over the last year or so, however in the past month, we have had a real influx of these projects coming to fruition.

Infrastructure upgrades and tweaks are what is keeping the team the most busy, with a big topic of converstation being around the exponential growth of data.

This is affecting businesses in different ways, management are struggling to understand why their servers are running out of drive space, and their back ups are getting larger and taking longer. Once we start investigating these things there is generally a common theme; staff and their personal data at work.

Really, gone are the days when your IT support company, or IT department were inhibitors with 200mb quotas on personal folders and mailboxes, IT’s job is to be an enabler with technology, and this means we see staff naturally take advantage of this with using the work server to store all their family photos and videos of their kids from the weekend. Not to mention their iTunes account and some media files being shared around the office.

Spring might be over soon, but it’s not too late to take some time to clean up the servers and free up some space on the server that could be put to better use. Now we don’t want to upset every by making their “precious” data inaccessible, or burnt off on 109 DVD’s, we can help you add some Network Attached Storage (NAS) to your system and set up some shares that will quickly and cheaply separate personal data from work data.

Why NAS and not external USB drives? Check out this blog to learn more.

Data is valuable, in any shape and form, so don’t put your system and data at risk any longer. NAS are a quick, affordable way to archive or backup some data you don't need access to everyday.  However, if your data backup needs are greater, automated offsite backup and disaster recovery might be the next step up.  BES IT Systems provides both of these services to organisations of all sizes.

If you'd like more information about managing your company's data, contact us today on or (07) 3340 5555.



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