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Managed Backup for Small Business

Posted by Amanda Bowen on Oct 31, 2015 9:00:00 AM
Take the worry out of securing your data! Securing reliable data backups is vital to the survival of every business – large or small. 
Read on to find the most common Q&A about Managed Backup for Small Businesses. 


Q: What is Managed Offsite Backup? 

A: Managed Offsite Backup is where your data is copied and then stored in a secondary location without human interaction, changing tapes or hard drives.  Software scheduling controls it all.  Whether that data is on your server, PC or Notebook; using some smart software, your backed up data is copied over the internet in a secure format to a datacentre.

Q: Why is it important for my business?

A: It is important for your business, as your data IS your business.  If you don’t have a back up in an offsite location and you have a fire, or someone breaks in and steals your PCs or server, you will lose your data.  That may mean you lose your customer data base, or even who your debtors are.  Losing this data, is losing your business.  How will you know who you are selling to, or who owes you money?


offsite-backup-for-small-business Respect thy data!


Q: What could happen if I don’t have Managed Backup? 

A: In an event where you lose your primary site, whether it is due to natural disaster or human intervention, you could be down for days weeks or months, trying to get data back together, back into a useable electronic format, if you can retrieve it at all.

Q: What are my other options? (tape, external HD, etc) 

A: Traditional back ups include the use of external hard drives, or tape back up.  Why are these not the best methods anymore?  Businesses need to react quickly, and more so when you need to recover from a technical failure or a disaster at your operational site.  With the traditional methods you can be spending days or weeks finding replacement hardware, building it up and crossing your fingers that the last back up worked and by some miracle your new tape drive can read your old tape.  I will question you though, where is the last tape your back up was done to, and did it work correctly?

Q: I don’t have much data, do I need Managed Backup? 

A: Any data you have should be backed up.  You have regulations around keeping financial data, you need to be able to keep track of business data.  If you think you need it in the future, you need to back up your data.

We have to keep client records archived for a certain amount of time.  Can I get these records digitally archived so they are safe?  Yes you can, with our data centre service, your data will be in your own directory, only accessible by yourself and our data centre engineers to assist in a recovery.  The data is stored locally in Brisbane, giving you peace of mind as to its location.

Q: I have a physical server.  Can I get that backed up every day? 

Yes, this is one of our specialties.  With modern back up software, we can back that up to our data centre so that you have a full server back up offsite with daily changes sent to the data centre.  This is best for helping you with a disaster recovery plan.



Protecting your data is a priority for small business!

Q: What happens if my server or computer crashes and I need my backup? How long does it take to get my information from the backup?  With these services, we help you ensure you actually have two levels of back up.  The first will be permanently onsite, using a NAS storage device.  This is important for the fastest recovery of a hardware failure or the recovery of a deleted file.  In the event that you are suffering from a site disaster, we can assist with getting your back up restored to a virtual server in our data centre, with remote access so you can continue to work. 

Typically we can have your server running again within 20 minutes, then a bit of tweaking to ensure access and services are all running again, worst case is a few hours.  With traditional tape back up methods, a hardware failure or disaster can see you down for days or weeks while you try to get back up and running.

Q: How much will it cost me?  Depending on a couple of things, like whether you just want file back up or disaster recovery, our services start from $25 a week (ex GST).  

Q: How quickly can I get Managed Backup set up?  We can have this set up same business day if everything is qualified and straight forward, for larger set-ups, we do like to plan properly and discuss implementation.

Q: What are the gotchas?  The key to making automated offsite back up a success, is your internet connection.  You need to have a minimum of ADSL2+ and you need to check what data restrictions you may have for downloads and uploads.

If you'd like more information about managing your company's data, contact us today on or (07) 3340 5555.

Start thinking about your data backup today!

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