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Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors

Posted by Dylan Mapp on Mar 11, 2019 11:12:31 AM


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Dawson from Aruba Networks to find out a little more about their latest product. The name has changed a few times, but at the time of our catch up, it is known as the Aruba User Experience Insight Sensor.

Why are we interested? Well, more and more we hear people complaining about "slow WiFi" or "slow email", "slow internet" etc. The tech team will take these complaints, look at the internet connection and it's speeds, look at firewall throughputs and switch performance. From their point of view, everything is great. Job done. But is it?

Times have changed. I have been in this industry for a good 17 years now and the change has never been greater. As we see more applications being delivered by the web, users wanting to have their own devices (BYOD), it is easy to begin to realise that their complaints may have nothing to do with the core components of your network. 

I don't watch the news every day, however would have to be lacking a pulse not to have heard about the challenges with NAPLAN testing going online. Students complaining, staff complaining and nobody being sure if these complaints are fair or not. Aruba is confident, that with one of these sensors in any troublesome area, you will quickly work out what or where any issues lay.

Don't forget to check out the video on youtube below:


I have been given a demo sensor, access to the cloud based management system, so I can test this for myself over the next couple of weeks. I will have this as one of my key jobs for March, to go through the set up, look at the information I can gather and see how this behaves in the real world.

If you are interested to see the Aruba sensors live in action, request a free demonstration today. Call us on (07) 3340 5555 or use our online contact form for a quick response.

Keep an eye out for my updates, we love to see and try technologies that can bring value to our customers. 


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